PrintOnGlass offers a complete line of custom digital printed glass. The maximum size 60” x 120”.

Printed Glass Design

Customers should submit their art work or work with our talented design team to create art work for them.

Glass Installation

All installations should follow acceptable industry guidelines using skilled, professional installers. It is the installer’s ultimate responsibility to insure that all glazing materials (including but not limited to; sealants, silicones, tapes, gaskets and setting blocks) are compatible. If delamination or damage occurs due to the use of incompatible materials our warranty will be null and void.

PrintOnGlass Limitations

Customers should be aware of a few limitations.  The suggested viewing distance is from 3′-4′ feet under natural daylight conditions.  When inspected by backlit or a uniform opaque background, the color and reflectances may vary.

The standard warranty period is five years against the loss of adhesion and significant color change under normal weathering conditions. Digital printed glass is not recommended for first surface application, especially outdoors, as oxidation and weathering could adversely affect the performance of the material.