Glass flooring combines style and function, making a great impression in both residential and commercial spaces.  Structural glass floors, bridges, landings and stair treads can add light to lower level spaces and provides a unique design element to any interior.

Allowing natural light to flow into a space completely changes the dynamic of that space. Having the ability to add an accent of color adds yet another design element and enhances the appeal.

Each glass floor system we sell ships as a kit and will include everything you need for proper installation.

Glass Flooring Benefits

Structural glass flooring and glass block flooring systems provide a functional and structurally sound surface for foot traffic while providing your commercial, retail, or residential building with many additional benefits including:

  • Light from upper to lower levels
  • Savings on energy bills from reduced lighting costs
  • Different privacy levels from opaque to transparent
  • Custom printed glass including photography, art, and branding

The floors are engineered to safely support weight.  Obviously, this is a structurally sound system that will stand the test of time in any commercial, retail, or residential structure.

Glass Floor Panel Inlays

In addition to looking great, our glass floor systems can be incorporated in wood, tile, stone, or concrete floors to create a one of kind design. Contact us today for a consultation to determine which materials and design will best compliment your space.

Glass Floor Panel Sizes

The glass flooring consists of glass tiles on top of a supporting grid.

  • Glass units range from 12″ square to 48″ square.
  • Pieces are custom cut with our water jet to various shapes and sizes.
  • Custom glass shapes sized up to 16 square feet in area per unit.
  • Floors exceeding 16 square feet utilize a structural aluminum grid.

Custom Printed Glass Floors

Moving light from upper to lower levels with brilliant colors will mesmerize you, while creating a sense of openness.