Safety glass is constructed using layers of laminated glass. When a weight reduction is needed, polycarbonate is laminated onto the safe side. This polycarbonate makes a material with the appearance and clarity of standard glass but with effective protection from rocks, stones, accident and like.

PrintOnGlass creates safety glass through our lamination process. Laminated glass is created by putting together a combination of plastic and glass layers. When laminated glass breaks, an interlayer holds the broken pieces together, preventing glass shards from making a mess. The result is a crack that resembles a spider web pattern, if the laminated glass is not fully pierced.  PrintOnGlass doesn’t produce tempered glass, but we do have the ability to print to it if we are supplied with tempered glass.

Laminated glass is best used where it may fall if it were shattered or if there is a potential for human impact.

PrintOnGlass can produce safety glass up to  60 x 120.

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– Enhanced durability and beauty of ceramic ink, with complete predictability and repeatability

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